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Plans & Enrollment

Cost Analysis



Weekly Cost (5 Years=260 weeks)

Per Day Cost (5 Years = 1825 Days)

5-Year Cost

Yearly Cost (Total 5 years)

Monthly Cost (5 years=60 months)

Per Work Hour Cost ( 5 Years=10400 Work Hours*)
*Based upon 40 Hrs. per week





$   599.00

$     49.92

$       1.64

$       0.29

$     34.60

$       4.93

 $       0.86

$     11.52


$   999.00

$     83.25

$     19.21

$       2.74

$      0 .48






$   149.92

For your copy of our detailed brochure click here

To Enroll

1. Visit Or call 1-855-275-3368

2. Choose your membership level based upon your needs, RED, WHITE or BLUE

3. Pay & Select the office and provider:

    You will be assigned to a team dentist at your nearest location, or choose any
    available location that is convenient for you.

Enrollment is easy CLICK HERE

Disclaimer, Terms & Conditions:

PresiDental Plans are NOT insurance. PresiDental Plans are not considered to be qualified under the Affordable Care Act. Please review the details of the plan terms and conditions. The discounts offered are available through participating and affliliated healthcare/dental providers only. PresiDental Plans are in-network plans. You may choose a different provider within the network and participating offices. To find participating providers, please visit our website or you can call us. As there is no paperwork or reimbursement, you must pay for any reduced rate
fees applicable to your completed procedures at the time of service.

  • Not to be considered as Dental Insurance; it is a closed network/in-network dental membership/discount dental plan

  • Only individual plans offered

  • Valid Photo ID required for participation and services

  • Minimum Membership Required: 5 Years

  • Any cosmetic upgrade or option is not covered and subject to reduced rates as per discount pricing table

  • Unlimited Coverage for 5 years is based on actual need for the procedure as determined by treating dentist

  • No benefit coordination with other dental insurance, accidental injury plan or workman's comp etc. This plan cannot be used in coordination with any other discount plan, special offer or insurance plan.

  • For detailed T&C, please visit our website for pdf download

This product (PresiDental Plans) is a membership/deep discount individual plan offered by PresiDental Plans (PresiDental). PresiDental is not a licensed insurer or underwriter of healthcare services. This is not a dental insurance plan and coordination of benefits with insurance plans shall not be applicable.

[1]   The plans are designed to provide general dental care. Complex and specialty services such as complex surgical extraction, complex root canals, implants, periodontal surgery and care for advanced periodontics, children and adults requiring special care and procedures that are above and beyond the limits of general dentistry are not covered and may be available at a discounted rate from in-network dental specialist specializing in certain procedures. Certain dental procedures are considered as specialty services. Dental specialists or proficient general dentists can provide such specialty services. The specialty procedures are considered as specialty dental services. Please refer to comprehensive dental procedures and fees schedule available at provider's office. Specialties dental services, in house [if available], are provided at a reduced fee according to applicable discounted rate and dependent upon your membership level (Red, White or Blue Plans)
[2]   Coverage or reduced fees are for one service for each tooth or arch per contract period. Regular fees will apply for re-doing services in the same contract year unless the material of the prosthesis is defective.
[3]   Cosmetic Dentistry including but not limited to bleaching of teeth, veneers, or related cosmetic material lab charges are to be covered at a reduced price (applicable discount off the regular price). Any procedure involving cosmetic upgrade lab fees will incur additional costs. All applicable lab fees are the responsibility of the member. Semi-Precious or Precious metal, Gems, or other precious materials will incur additional fees to be determined by office and/or individual provider.
[4]   Plan participants have the option to upgrade plans (i.e. from Red to White or Blue, and from White to Blue) and subject to new contract year terms. Plans are not eligible to downgrade (i.e. Blue Plan to White or Red, and White Plan to Red).
[5] Please refer to the membership plan contract regarding the early termination policy.
[6] Fee schedules apply to services provided by a participating general dentist in this plan. The purpose of this schedule is to establish the maximum fee that a general dentist will charge for each procedure. The member is responsible for all charges at the time of service.
[7] It is the member's responsibility to verify that the dentist is a participating provider (general or specialist dentist) before seeking any treatment.
[8] For procedures not listed on this schedule, regular fees will be discounted according to the published discounted percentage.
[9] The dollar amount specified adjacent to each procedure may not be the only cost incurred for a given treatment as some treatments may require more than one dental procedure. Please consult your PresiDental Plan provider for a detailed treatment plan prior to any services.
[10] PresiDental Plan cannot guarantee the continued participation of any dentist. If the dentist leaves the plan, you will need to select another participating PresiDental Plan provider. Some service areas may not offer all types of dentists/specialists.
[11] Membership Fees are non-refundable. Please refer to all detailed terms and conditions of your membership agreement.
[12] While all participating PresiDental Plan providers are professionally licensed in the state in which they practice, PresiDental Plan is a management company. Therfore, PresiDental Plan cannot guarantee or be responsible for the treatment outcome or quality of services offered by the providers. However it is very important to PresiDental Plan that participating providersnare held to a high standard of care. Any quality -of -care concerns involving any participating PresiDental Plan provider should be directed in writing to:

PresiDental Plan USA, LLC,
Attn: Customer Grievances
401 Commerce Drive Suite# 100
Fort Washington, PA 19034
Or Please Call: 1-855-275-3368 if you have any further questions.

Office & Management Disclaimer:
We ask you to acknowledge that
PresiDental Plan and its affiliated dental offices are a management entity for in-network and out-of-network independent dentist(s)/Employee Dentists [dental provider(s)]. All Dental providers are independent in their clinical judgments and they are responsible for your treatment plan and its outcome. As the management entity, PresiDental Plan and its affiliated offices are independent corporation(s) and shall not be responsible for your treatment or the outcome of your treatment.
You can schedule your treatment with the dental provider of your choice. Scheduling is subject to the availability of dental provider.


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