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Discount dental treatment plans offer affordable solutions to under-insured patients.
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Sign up for the PresiDental plan and become a member today!
PresiDental Plan is not an insurance plan. It is a deep discount dental plan which offers an easy and hassle free sign-up process and instant savings of up to 80% on dental treatments. The plan offers three tiers of membership and discounts for you and your family to choose from. It also gives you instant access to over a 100 providers in 6 counties around Philadelphia, thus aiming to be the best dental plan in PA.
As a member of our deep discount dental plan you get savings on unlimited dental treatments during the year.
Dental Plan Benefits include:
No pre-authorization required on dental procedures
No waiting period
No pre-existing condition clause
No claims to submit.

Our discount dental treatment plan also offers all its members 30% discount on specialty and cosmetic procedures.

The Presidental Plan offers dental discount plansfor individuals and family discount dental plans. Orthodontic discount plans are also available.
Whether you are in pain and need a dentist right away or whether you are looking for cosmetic procedures for that beautiful smile sign up today with our discount dental servicesand start saving!
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* PDP is not an insurance plan, It is a Deep Discount Payment Plan available for members only.
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